journeys with yarn

One of the ways I like to dye yarn is to submerge the whole cone in the dye bath which results in the outer layers dying darker than those on the inside. This means that when the yarn is woven the colour progressively leaches out and fades as the yarn with the least contact with the dye is woven. There is a satisfying notion of progression as we follow the yarns journey through the cloth.

The happy outcome of the method of dying is that when all the yarn has been wound off the cardboard cone an impression of the thread is left behind. A delicate remembrance of the tracery that was once there.


In 2013 I exhibited ‘Cone’ (above) at Pinpoint at One Church Street Gallery. The herringbone pattern and marks left behind reference the history of cloth making. It is an idea I revisit from time to time. I am drawn to the ideas it provokes, the passage of time, the sense of a journey and the ghosts of the past.

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