My exploration of the Hackney Commons continues as I trace the shape of the land with my feet, walking the boundaries of the commons, trying to find the truth in the soil, an elemental and mystical connection to the land. Shapes that have remained the same through time, land never built on and there for all to share. These patches of earth are containers of history, but the past is elusive.

I have made a series of small framed pieces woven with linen and stainless steel with fine wool inserts each representing the shape of each of the commons as they appear on the map, these immutable shapes are woven with yarn dyed with natural dyestuff, nettle, blackberry, onion skin and pomegranate, colours which will fade over time but the shape of the land will remain unchanged. Although there is no trace of these commons original usage their presence on the soil and on paper in maps remains.

The resulting pieces will be exhibited at Contemporary Applied Arts Gallery in February.

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