a mass of fertile richness

There is something rather magical about a walled garden, it’s own self contained world, the warmth of the brick walls nurturing an abundance of fecundity. The garden at Forty Hall, even in early autumn, is full of colour. The IMG_2698weavings I am planning to make for the exhibition in the house will be based on the colours and textures of the plants in the gardens I have been observing and recording in my weekly walks round the estate. Finding a way of bringing the outside in has been an important part of this project and I have decided on quite a literal expression of this idea. I am planning to dye the yarns I use to make these weavings with plant material found in the gardens. When the haberdasher Nicholas Rainton built the house and up until the mid 19th century all fabrics would have been dyed with dyes derived from plant material. And so through the physical act of dying yarn I hope to make a connection with the history of the estate and with the gardens as they are now.



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